Biometric Border Security Comes to the City in Phuket Project

Biometric technology from Herta is being used in a municipal security project in Phuket, Thailand, the company has announced.

Biometric Border Security Comes to the City in Phuket ProjectThe project has been undertaken in collaboration with domestic partner Point IT, and revolves around the use of Herta’s facial recognition technology at a police checkpoint for visitors entering the city. Police offers use their mobile devices to take pictures of any individuals coming into Phuket, and that information is then uploaded to Herta’s BioSurveillance NEXT system, which checks the faces in the images against a watch list. If there’s a match, an alert is immediately sent to the border guards.

In other words, it’s a smartphone-driven biometric border control system, implemented at the municipal level.

In a statement announcing the deployment, Herta CEO Javier Rodriguez framed it as a flagship deployment that could open doors in terms of further business opportunities for the company, calling it “a great opportunity that will bring more projects in other cities during the upcoming months.”

Indeed, with biometric border control growing in popularity at the national level, Phuket’s ‘Safe City’ project could be the first of more to come as this kind of security approach is honed for smaller-scale deployments where needed.

December 14, 2017 – by Alex Perala