Biometric Authentication to Safeguard Clinical Trials and Their Participants

Clinical research services provider Celerion has implemented biometric authentication to make sure that individuals aren’t participating in more than one clinical trial at a time.

Biometric Authentication to Safeguard Clinical Trials and Their ParticipantsThe capability comes by way of Verified Clinical Trials, or VCT, which has worked with Celerion over the past five years to verify the identities of clinical trial participants. Now, it’s bringing fingerprint-based verification to the table to further safeguard the clinical research process.

In a statement announcing the move, Celerion VP Phil Bach said his company’s focus is “to help our clients get their drugs to market and protect the safety and well-being of our participants,” adding, “The VCT database registry enhances our ability to achieve both of those objectives.”

While fingerprint scanning is now a widespread technology thanks to its preponderance on mobile devices, the VCT-Celerion integration offers another example of a niche area in which the technology offers substantial benefits.

March 14, 2017 – by Alex Perala