BioID Uses Liveness Detection To Create Spoof Proof Biometric Security

Facial recognition biometrics is one of the more controversial biometric technologies thanks to popular fears of one’s face being used against them. BioID is facing these fears head-on with a new liveness detection feature.BioID Uses Liveness Detection To Create Spoof Proof Biometric Security

The cloud biometrics developer announced a new liveness detection feature to be integrated in the the BioID Web Services (BWS) with a replay defender preventing videos and 3D avatars from tricking the authentication system. This face liveness detection doesn’t require the user to update any hardware like a 3D camera, and works on any device or platform.

Liveness detection is becoming a necessity when it comes to biometric security. BioID positions the liveness feature as the first line of defence: the physical presence of the user must be verified before carrying out any other face and/or eye recognition. The liveness detection can be used independently or along with existing authentication procedures such as passcodes or other biometric measurements.

Facial recognition is being leveraged in a variety of industries and uses cases, a fact BioID is very much aware of. “With our new live detection, camera-based biometrics will be suitable for a much wider variety of use cases – especially where face or periocular recognition might be liable to forgery or identity fraud”, said BioID CEO Ho Chang. “We make sure biometrics are provided with an intuitive user experience while at the same time the authentication cannot be faked easily. With the BioID Web Service now including strong liveness detection, we are happy to deliver face recognition as a vital and trusted authentication method for a variety of critical use cases.”

BioID’s anti-spoofing is live– the liveness detection is available immediately for use and integration through their new developer portal. It can also be tested on the BioID Playground or through their App for Android and iOS.

February 1, 2018 – Susan Stover