BioCatch Expands Use of Microsoft Azure

Behavioral biometrics specialist BioCatch is expanding its use of Microsoft Azure cloud computing, the company has announced.

BioCatch Expands Use of Microsoft AzureBioCatch says its platform currently monitors more than a billion transactions per month, using its combination of behavioral, cognitive, and physiological pattern analytics to assess fraud risks for its clients, among which are some of the world’s biggest banks. The technology is part of a new and growing field with other, similar platforms such as NuData’s NuDetect adding an extra layer of security to digital marketplaces; and as interest in such solutions increases, providers like BioCatch are scaling up as well.

The company appointed a new CEO this spring in anticipation of growth, and its expansion of its use of Microsoft’s cloud computing platform appears to be another adaptive maneuver in that direction, with BioCatch VP of R&D Tal Moyal anticipating in a statement that Azure “will continue to play an increasingly important role for BioCatch as we build out our capabilities.”

For Microsoft, the partnership is a win-win, illustrating how Azure is helping to benefit clients and their end users. Microsoft Azure Product Marketing Senior Director Nicole Herskowitz framed the service as “a cloud computing platform that empowers innovative startups like BioCatch which in turn helps to protect 33 million users.”

June 9, 2016 – by Alex Perala