BIO-key Brings Biometric Padlocks to the US Market

BIO-key‘s TouchLock biometric padlocks are now available in the US.

BIO-key Brings Biometric Padlocks to the US MarketThe company has set up its own e-commerce site for the products, and they are available through Amazon. BIO-key says that “in the coming weeks and months” the products will also arrive in “select stores” through its distribution partners, according to a statement.

BIO-key first announced its biometric padlocks at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in January, and saw orders from the APAC market in late spring. The padlock line proved to be a strong performer, with its initial orders contributing $158,000 to BIO-key’s total revenues of $886,881 for the second quarter.

The company expects that momentum to continue. In its announcement of the US launch of its TouchLock line, Marketing VP Scott Mahnken said, “We have received strong interest in the TouchLock line since debuting prototypes at CES 2017, and we anticipate strong customer demand.” Mahnken added that BIO-key has more “configurations and colors” of its TouchLock products in the pipeline to further expand the options available now.

Those currently-available products include the TouchLock XL BT padlock, available in a range of colors; the TouchLock TSA padlock for luggage; and the TouchLock Designer, a compact device available in models sporting distinctive designs.

Check out the TouchLock announcement video to see BIO-key’s biometric padlocks in action:

November 1st, 2017 – by Alex Perala