Big Data Facial Recognition Service Now Available to UK Gov’t

Allevate’s MXSERVER is now available for use by UK government agencies, the company has announced.

Big Data Facial Recognition Service Now Available to UK Gov'tMXSERVER is a big data intelligence solution centered on facial recognition. It’s designed to trawl through large amounts of data and to group segments of it based on the people depicted. For police and intelligence agencies, this means it can go through evidence from sources ranging from confiscated smartphones, to YouTube, to CCTV cameras in order to find designated persons.

Together with partner Identity E2E, Allevate made the solution available as a cloud-based SaaS solution back in 2014. Now, it’s available through the UK Crown Commercial Service’s Digital Marketplace G-Cloud 8 Framework. In other words, UK law enforcement and intelligence agencies now have official access to MXSERVER.

In a statement announcing the development, Allevate called MXSERVER “a Big Data solution for law enforcement’s growing video and photo assets,” offering an “identification capability that is quicker and more efficient than manually watching video.”

August 4, 2016 – by Alex Perala