BehavioSec Updates Biometrics Platform Ahead of PSD2 Deadline

BehavioSec Updates Biometrics Platform Ahead of PSD2 Deadline

BehavioSec has updated its behavioral biometrics platform ahead of the European Union’s upcoming PSD2 compliance deadline. Version 5.1 of the platform offers better mouse recognition and anomaly detection, in addition to other accuracy and authentication upgrades.

The upgraded platform also guards against fraud associated with new accounts. BehavioSec 5.1 will compare the behavior of a new user with the typical behavior of other new users, allowing it to spot discrepancies in accounts that do not yet have an established pattern of behavior.

“The most dangerous threat propelling cybercrime is the reuse of weak or stolen passwords,” said BehavioSec’s Jordan Blake. “Unique behavioral attributes such as typing patterns, touchscreen pressure and device handling aren’t for sale on the dark web or easily mimicked by malware, negating attackers’ most comfortable advantages.”

The EU’s PSD2 standards go into effect on September 14th. This is BehavioSec’s first major update since it released version 5.0 of its behavioral biometrics platform last November. The company has since brought on a new Chief Revenue Officer in an effort to expand in the financial, retail, medical, and cloud services sectors.

BehavioSec’s platform can be integrated into web and mobile applications, eliminating the need for passwords and providing continuous authentication based on observed user behavior.

July 17, 2019 – by Eric Weiss