BehavioSec Announces Chief Revenue Officer

BehavioSec Announces Chief Revenue Officer

Seeking a boost in its expansion efforts, behavioral biometrics specialist BehavioSec has appointed a new Chief Revenue Officer, Dave Lapin.

In a statement announcing Lapin’s appointment, BehavioSec said he brings to the table more than two decades of experience in senior management, including senior sales roles with NCC Group Security Services, IOActive, Cisco Systems, and Dell Secureworks. “In these roles, he has supported technology and services providers, in building and testing reliable, scalable, high integrity systems,” the company said.

As for Lapin’s role, BehavioSec indicated that he will help to shape its strategy in developing relationships to facilitate the company’s expansion into the areas of financial services, retail, medical education, and cloud services.

For his part, in commenting on his appointment, Lapin emphasized the growth potential of behavioral biometrics technology in the digital security market. “Given the company’s proven behavioral biometrics technology, the excellent leadership team, the myriad of marquee investors – when you look at the convergence of where the operational and technology holes are in diminishing risk, the sweet-spot in securing digital transformation efforts clearly lends itself to behavioral biometrics as a critical component of any scalable and meaningful solution,” he said.

News of Lapin’s announcement comes after BehavioSec’s announcement of the latest major upgrade to its behavioral biometrics platform in November of last year.

January 23, 2019 – by Alex Perala