Balabit Recognized for Blindspotter Security Solution

Balabit has become a top-level award winner in this year’s Golden Bridge Awards. The company’s Blindspotter behavior analytics system netted the company a Gold award in the category of User Behavior Analytics (UBA) – Innovations.

Balabit Recognized for Blindspotter Security SolutionPart of Balabit’s Contextual Security Intelligence (CSI) platform, the Blindspotter system uses machine learning technology to analyze user behavior and to distinguish it from that of bots or other automated processes, offering an analytics-based approach to digital security. The system was upgraded earlier this year to incorporate behavioral biometrics such as mouse movement and keystroke analysis. While this summer saw the emergence of malware that could purportedly hack behavioral biometrics systems, the field is still in a nascent stage and could see such technologies evolve into powerful security layer; and it is only one component of Balabit’s overall security solution.

In a statement acknowledging the Golden Bridge Award, Balabit CTO and co-founder Balázs Scheidler said the company’s team is “thrilled that Blindspotter has earned yet another award among our peers, underscoring our commitment to providing very strong ROI in our technology solution.”

The 2016 Golden Bridge Awards ceremony will take place on September 12th in San Francisco.

August 25, 2016 – by Alex Perala