Aware Software Provides Biometric Assist to DoD Applicant Screening

Aware, Inc.‘s technology is being used in a big new screening system for employment applications going through the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Aware Software Provides Biometric Assist to DoD Applicant ScreeningCalled SWFT Plus Enrollment, or “SWFT+”, the system is based on biometric capture and is administered by the Defense Manpower Data Center (DMDC). Applicants’ fingerprints are collected using a web application, and can then easily be shared between DoD databases. It’s designed to take advantage of the fingerprint scanning stations already in use across the DoD, and is based on Aware’s WebEnroll, BioComponents, and BioSP software.

The system has already been pilot tested by the US Army, and is now being rolled out for use across the DoD, helping administrators in the Navy, Air Force, and Marines to screen job applicants.

“Enabling biometric capture in a browser presents difficult technical challenges, but also significant advantages for our customers, particularly for large, broadly distributed deployments,” said Aware’s VP of Biometrics, Rob Mungovan. “The DMDC system is the largest in the world of its kind, and we are pleased to be a leading provider of this important biometric technology, particularly as cloud-based biometrics gain favor. It’s our latest success in delivering complex, mission-critical biometric solutions on a large scale.”

In its Q2 update this past summer, Aware pointed to “a large biometrics license sale to a U.S. government military customer” as being a key revenue generator. It isn’t clear if SWFT+ is the project in question, or if it’s a new project that will further boost revenues for the year; but in any case the deployment should help to raise Aware’s profile in an expanding biometrics market.

October 26, 2016 – by Alex Perala