Australian Biometric Airport Screening Project Completed

Vision-Box is celebrating a big milestone: Its Automated Border Control (ABC) technology is now live at all of Australia’s major airports.

Australian Biometric Airport Screening Project CompletedAs in similar deployments elsewhere in the world, Vision-Box’s system here uses facial recognition to match citizens’ faces as scanned at the ABC e-gates to the corresponding biometric data on their passports. In other words, participating citizens need only to present their passports and look at a camera in order to go through security processing at departure gates of Australia’s eight main airports.

Vision-Box says each of its self-service e-gates process as many as 150 passengers per hour, and that since the first terminal went live last year its eGates have processed 10 million passengers. There are now 83 such eGates in operation.

The deployment marks a continuing trend around the world -— the rise of biometric screening at airports, whether intended primarily to enhance security or to streamline passenger processing. Both concerns are always important, of course: As Australia’s Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton, commented in a statement, the completion of the Vision-Box project “delivers on Australian Government’s commitment towards streamlined border control processes and enhances border protection capability at our international airports.”

August 29, 2016 – by Alex Perala