ATIO Wants to Identify You by the Sound of Your Voice

Voice BiometricsSouth African ICT solutions company ATIO has partnered with OneVault to provide biometric voice authentication services to their customers.
It’s a move that ATIO is positioning largely as a customer service issue; their clients expect security, of course, but voice biometrics offer the opportunity to reduce call times. Currently, the company employs knowledge-based authentication security protocols, meaning that when customers call them, they are asked a bunch of questions to which only they should know the answers. It’s a system that already seems somewhat anachronistic, given today’s pace of technological development, and as fraud schemes have grown more sophisticated, so too must the security in place to stop them.
“Voice biometrics is becoming a mainstream technology and we are delighted ATIO has seen the value in incorporating it into the solution offering for clients,” said Paul Hutton, OneVault’s CEO. “The demand here in South Africa is growing exponentially,” he added, noting that his firm can “provide significant insight in this regard.”
October 16, 2014 – by Alex Perala