News Roundup: Applying Invisible Biometrics

Last week at FindBiometrics we continued our month long examination of frictionless biometrics while mobility continued to take center stage in the industry news section. We also featured an new guest editorial by Sarah Le from Iritech and reported on headlines in border control, time tracking and more.

Here are last week’s top stories in biometrics:

Invisible Biometrics

Invisible BiometricsJuly is Invisible Biometrics Month at FindBiometrics and last week we continued our featured examination with a look at four unique applications of voice biometrics that exemplify the modality at its most frictionless. We also appeared on Sputnik International’s Looking Forward radio show. FindBiometrics president Peter O’Neill joined hosts Victor Erofeyev and Svetlana Ekimenko in a dynamic conversation about the more controversial topics in facial recognition.

Invisible Biometrics Month: 4 Applications Of Voice Biometrics

Sputnik Talks Facial Recognition With FindBiometrics


Mobile BiometricsLast week mobility was a key topic in the industry news with a new smartphone from ZTE featuring a Fingerprint Cards biometric sensor (and therefore also sporting the Precise BioMatch Mobile software from Precise Biometrics). Leaked pictures of the upcoming OnePlus 2 had us speculating about the phone’s reportedly super-fast fingerprint sensor and a new app called AuthShield boasted incredible anti-spoofing capabilities.

A new report from Acuity Market Intelligence painted a glowing picture of the biometric app market looking forward and Sonavation made huge waves with the announcement that its ultrasound fingerprint tech is compatible with Gorilla Glass.

Regulator Leaks Pics of OnePlus 2, Biometric Sensor

New ZTE Axon Features Fingerprint Cards Sensor

Precise Biometrics Software Featured on New Smartphone

Sonavation’s Biometric Sensor Compatible with Gorilla Glass

AuthShield Authenticates with Phrases and Selfies

Biometric App Revenue To Grow at 148 Percent CAGR

Border Control

Biometric Border ControlIn border control news last week we reported on international deployments of eGates. New Zealand is expanding its eGate program with the addition of 29 more units, while Václav Havel Airport in Prague is also having its border protection arsenal bolstered.

New Zealand Plans Ahead with eGate Expansion

Czech eGate Program Expanded at Václav Havel Airport

Time Tracking

Biometric Time and AttendanceIn an interview with FindBiometrics last week, Crossmatch CEO Richard Agostinelli spoke on his company’s successful time and attendance deployments (in addition to a number of other topics). Meanwhile, we reported on time tracking solutions that are coming to Forever 21 locations and a new integration of Anviz technology at an Indian insurance firm that is keeping attendance and increasing security.

Forever 21 Implements Biometric Time Tracking for Staff

Anviz Secures Insurance Firm Offices in India

INTERVIEW: Richard Agostinelli, CEO, Crossmatch

Making the Rules, Enforcing the Rules

Law Enforcement BiometricsIn the Philippines last week we learned that the biometric voter registration is still seeing progress while the police are getting an identity management boost from a new AFIS courtesy of NEC Corporation. That company is also behind the new facial recognition system being used by police in Surat. Meanwhile, facial recognition is greatly improving the Arizona Department of Transportation’s ability to catch fraudsters.

Facial Recognition Boosts ADOT Fraud Dectedton by 860%

Philippines Biometric Voter Registration Sees More Progress

Philippine Police Get Fingerprint Identification System

Surat Police Get NEC Facial Recognition CCTV System

Facing the Consumer

Facing the ConsumerAware, Inc. posted its Q2 2015 results last week, simultaneously announcing its plan to target the commercial markets. We also learned of a new patent from Apple that could see fingerprint sensors in TV remote controls and reported on the special hardware required for Windows Hello facial recognition.

Windows Hello Face Biometrics Requires Infrared Camera

Aware Posts Q2 Results, Looks to Commercial Markets

Apple Patent Puts Biometrics in TV Remotes


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July 27, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter