American Voters Want Change in Voting Technology: Smartmatic

Smartmatic says a new survey conducted by the company clearly indicates an appetite for change to America’s voting system.

American Voters Want Change in Voting Technology: SmartmaticThe survey asked 1,000 registered voters about their attitudes toward voting and potential upgrades to voting systems, and found that 81 percent felt that changes should be made. Asked to select the priority from three potential upgrades, 33 percent said online voting should be enabled, 28 percent said voting technology should be made easier to use, and 20 percent said the voting process should be made faster.

Time was indeed a major concern. Smartmatic says that 45 percent of respondents who said they failed to vote in a past election said they did so due to lack of time, while 56 percent “agreed that many people do not vote because the voting process is time-consuming and inefficient.”

Smartmatic is, of course, a purveyor of the kinds of technologies that could enable the necessary improvements. Its survey’s release comes just ahead of the Utah Republican Party’s presidential caucus, which will make use of Smartmatic’s online voting technology; and just days after President Obama called for the use of more advanced voting technology in America’s elections.

March 16, 2016 – by Alex Perala