Albuquerque PD Expands Biometric Arsenal with MorphoBIS in the Cloud

Albuquerque PD Expands Biometric Arsenal with MorphoBIS in the CloudMorphoTrak, Morpho (Safran)’s American subsidiary, has been contracted to provide a major upgrade to the Albuquerque Police Department’s automated fingerprint identification system, the company has announced. Not only will the company implement its flagship MorphoBIS AFIS, but it has also been asked to introduce its latest platform, MorphoBIS in Morpho Cloud.

Explaining the upgrade in a statement, APD Director of Technical Services said the police agency is looking for improved speed and accuracy in its AFIS. The ADP is particularly keen to use MorphoBIS to free up time for its officers, he said, since “the ability to perform direct searches of the FBI’s databases, without the use of the intermediate Universal Latent Workstation, will save officers hours each week, and allow them to work the most urgent cases.” Moreover, the use of the system with Morpho Cloud, an Identification-as-a-Service platform, will allow the APD to take advantage of online upgrades and improved data security.

Morpho Cloud launched last October, around the same time that the APD introduced facial recognition technology to its arsenal. Now, it should help the police agency to identify individuals of interest even more efficiently and accurately, helping to ensure that the police agency can more effectively fulfill its mandate to serve and protect.

January 18, 2016 – by Alex Perala