Whitepaper: How Voice Recognition Fits With mCommerce

Voice BiometricsVoice biometrics company AGNITiO has published a whitepaper titled Voice Biometrics: Balancing Security, Usability and Privacy for User Authentication In Banking Applications and Mobile Payments. The document, as stated in the title, addresses the growing demand for strong user authentication in banking in mCommerce, as well as the major obstacles in those areas of application like privacy.

The whitepaper acknowledges the multimodal nature of mobile commerce biometrics, highlighting the specific strengths brought to the table by voice recognition. AGNITiO positions voice recognition as the least intrusive of all biometric modalities, speculating that it might also be the most convenient.

Two major strengths specifically highlighted in the paper are the benefits of being a software-based solution-type and the option to authenticate on-device. Voice authentication is extremely flexible in this manner, and according to AGNITiO that’s exactly what makes it so perfect for eCommerce applications.

What’s more, AGNITiO highlights the growth in adoption of voice biometrics solutions.

The paper states:

“From social security organizations, to commercial call centers and mobile device manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung, biometrics are being rapidly adopted, and will inevitably become a necessary component of any system supporting remote, secure financial transactions.”

AGNITiO still maintains its long standing position that the future of strong authentication for online and mobile payments will be multimodal, “integrating multiple biometrics technologies that will co-exist to enhance security and convenience.” Indeed, we have already seen voice biometrics bolster other strong authentication factors in mobile banking already, and our own Alex Perala has offered it as a solution to skeptics of Alipay’s proposed facial recognition mPayment security.

The full whitepaper can be downloaded on the official AGNITiO website. To learn even more about how voice biometrics fit into a multimodal future, be sure to check out the feature articles and webinar from FindBiometrics’ Voice Month.

March 23, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter