ACI Worldwide Embraces BioCatch Security for UP Payments Risk Management Platform

“As online and mobile banking proliferates, fraudsters are consistently finding new ways to infiltrate banks’ systems, creating havoc for consumers and businesses alike. By using behavioral data to distinguish between a genuine customer and a fraudster – whether human or non-human – we are able to detect fraudulent activity in real-time and protect consumers.” – Avi Turgeman, CTO and founder, BioCatch

ACI Worldwide Embraces BioCatch Security for UP Payments Risk Management PlatformBioCatch‘s behavioral biometrics technology has been integrated into a major security platform that could help to deliver it to a vast new network of end users.

The company’s partner in the endeavor, ACI Worldwide, offers electronic payments services to over 5,100 clients, including some of the world’s largest banks. Its UP Payments Risk Management platform now features behavioral biometrics security capabilities thanks to BioCatch, allowing clients using the platform to detect malicious behavior through the continuous analysis of a wide range of metrics like typing patterns and network and device data.

Explaining the rationale behind the integration in a statement, ACI Worldwide Payments Intelligence & Risk Solutions director Cleber Martins highlighted the “[n]ew and emerging online threats such as account takeover, social engineering and robotic activity”, which “are difficult to keep up with while pursuing an enriched customer experience.”

For BioCatch’s part, the company’s founder and CTO, Avi Turgeman, asserted, “Our high-profile customer base attests to the significant and measurable ROI that the technology provides coming from reduced fraud losses, lower operational costs, improved customer service and prevention of false declines.”

The integration is perhaps the biggest for BioCatch since its solution joined the ForgeRock Trust Network this past spring, and should help to further elevate its profile in the growing FinTech security market.

December 10, 2018 – by Alex Perala