Accenture-Led Consortium to Improve eu-LISA Systems

Accenture-Led Consortium to Improve eu-LISA SystemsA multi-party team of IT and communications companies has been selected to improve the architecture and capabilities for the European Agency for Large-Scale IT Systems (eu-LISA). Accenture, Altran, and Tieto will undertake the work in eu-LISA facilities in Strasbourg, Tallinn, and Brussels.

The selection is the result of a competitive bidding process that saw the work divided into two lots, with the first accepting bids for projects in Strasbourg and Brussels and the second for Tallinn. Accenture bid jointly with Altran for Lot 1 and with Tieto for Lot 2.

The leader of the consortium, Accenture, has built a strong reputation working with government agencies, having recently been selected by the UN’s refugee agency to develop a biometric ID system, and with a previous contract under its belt from US Homeland Security.

The eu-LISA projects involve the maintenance of biometric systems, application development, data storage and network improvements, and the provision of IT services to eu-LISA clients globally. As leader of the consortium, Accenture will take on overall management responsibilities at all three locations.

July 8, 2015 – by Alex Perala