3M Cogent Biometric Fingerprint Technology Integrated Into Entrust IdentityGuard

3M Cogent LogoFebruary 24, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

As is often said, the key to biometric adoption lies in a delicate balance between a promised increase of security and a decrease in the friction users experience when interacting with it. Essentially: next generation authentication is in high demand, but its biggest obstacle in adoption lies in how easy it is to deploy and use.

Today a new collaboration was announced between Entrust and 3M Cogent, leveraging that latter’s fingerprint biometric technology as logical access control solution for workstations via the former’s IdentityGuard software authentication platform. It’s a combination that stands to provide customers looking for a strong biometric access control solution for their organization with FBI trusted authentication (the solution satisfies CJIS requirements necessary for law enforcement deployment) that is proven to be convenient.

Entrust President David Wagner explains why the companies are well suited as partners, saying, “Entrust and 3M share the same standards and vision for authenticating identities. Integrating proven 3M biometric authentication is another step in the platform’s evolution — a stride that continues our focus on properly protecting customer identities.”

Both new and existing IdentityGuard customers will be able to benefit from the biometric boost to security. This allows for streamlined and strong logical access control for cloud and internal systems.

Teresa Wu, who manages 3M Cogent’s global biometric portfolio expands on the collaboration: “Entrust and 3M have complementary offerings in the identity management marketplace — from digital certificate management to identity document issuance solutions. We will leverage our respective strengths and expertise to expand biometric capability within the Entrust IdentityGuard authentication platform to help customers deploy solutions that match their budget, users and security needs.”

With 3M Cogent as a partner, Entrust can now add formidable fingerprint biometrics to IdentityGuard’s long list of supported authenticators. The flagship software authentication platform boast a cost effectiveness that is enhanced with the addition of smart cards, smartphone credentials and other trusted forms of authentication such as digital certificates.