Biometrics, Access Control and the Enterprise of Tomorrow
We are living in an era of unprecedented mobile biometric proliferation. The same innovations that have allowed for fingerprint, face, and iris recognition to proliferate consumer tech have enabled biometrics to become more accessible in the enterprise. Wearables, smartphones, biometrics, smart cards, NFC, RFID, and other physical access technologies are all at an intersection point, and in the top-down, hypothetically closed system of the workplace, that convergence has the potential to breed efficiency. Listen in as our experts discuss how biometrics are changing access control.
Mobile Revolution 2.0: Biometrics, Smartphones & IoT
We are at the start of a new revolution in mobile biometrics. The latest research from Acuity Market Intelligence shows that biometric smartphones are officially mainstream. Meanwhile the growing prominence of the Internet of Things is stoking the demand for new innovations in mobile authentication. Mobile biometrics have changed the face of payments, and now they are poised to further evolve the enterprise, consumer identity and the Internet itself as we move beyond the password. Listen to our experts discuss this fascinating topic.
Webinar: Mobile Biometrics And The Next Generation of Digital Identity #FBMobility
New research from Acuity Market Intelligence predicts massive growth for the global mobile biometrics market. Valued at $1.6 Billion in 2014, the firm predicts that the market will grow at a CAGR of 67 percent and hit a whopping $34.6 billion in 2020. This is not just big news for the identity industry, it’s good news for consumers and enterprises looking for password alternatives in a world of high profile data breaches and mobile only design. Mobile digital identity solutions have never been in such high demand. Listen to FindBiometrics and a panel of experts in mobile biometrics discussing the...