Mobile Security for Defense and Government Summit @ Mary M. Gates Learning Center
Jul 26 – Jul 27 all-day

DSI event bannerDSI’s Mobile Security for Defense and Government  Summit is designed as an educational and training “Town Hall” forum that is off the record / non attribution.  The Summit brings together thought leaders and key policy-makers across military and civilian organizations, private industry and academia for two days of actionable discussions and debate. Open to US citizens only. Seating is limited.

This year’s  Summit will focus on “Improving Enterprise Mobility through Security & Innovation.”  Specifically, this event will highlight the initiatives, interests and current challenges facing the DoD and Federal Agencies as they move towards a more mobile enterprise in an environment of increased cyber security and quickly evolving commercial innovation in mobility for the network.

SPEAKERS:Several diverse speakers include:

  1.  Maj Gen Sarah Zabel, USAF, Vice Director, DISA
  2. Brig. Gen. Robert J. Skinner, USAF, Deputy Commander (JFHQ-DODIN)
  3. Mr. Victor Gavin, PEO, PEO EIS, U.S. Navy
  4. Mr. Curtis Dukes, Director, Information Assurance Directorate, NSA
  5. Mr. Gary Wang, DCIO, HQDA CIO/G-6, US Army
  6. Mr. Peter Gouldmann, Director, Information Technology Security Compliance Office, Department of State
  7. Mr. Ken Carlberg, Chief Technologist, Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau, FCC
  8. Mr. Richard Jones, Federal Mobility 2.0 PM, GSA
  9. Ms. Hildegard Ferraiolo, Computer Scientist, Computer Security Division,NIST
  10. With industry tech talks from MobileIron, NEC, and Float

More information and to Register Now: http://dsigroup.org or http://mobilesecurity.dsigroup.org

Military & Government attend Complimentary. Industry Rates Apply.

Biometric ID for Government
Aug 2 – Aug 4 all-day

Biometric ID for Government

Innovative tactics and strategies to advance security measures and achieve mission-critical results

What you will learn…

Join us in Washington, D.C. this August and discover biometric ID solutions and innovative strategies, new threats & trends and improved postures of identity management in the U.S. & around the globe.

Participate in this unique experience as you discuss recent trends and benchmark solutions for current challenges with biometric and identity management experts, including the opportunity to learn how:


View and Print the Biometric ID for Government Detailed Agenda

Maximize your time out of the office– attend the interactive workshop day on Tuesday, August 2

Learn from top industry consultants during our pre-training workshops. These interactive workshops will prepare you for the two-day general sessions and take an in-depth, hands-on approach on strengthening your physical security domains, disaster credentialing, biometric video analytics and evolving performance testing:

  • Workshop A: The Ins and Outs of Biometric Authentication – Understanding Its Implementation and Use, CSRA
  • Workshop B: How To Coordinate Efficient & Timely Secure Credentials and Identifications After A Disaster, Disaster Solutions
  • Workshop C: Developing Effective Video Authentication Analytics To Ensure Public Safety, Quintana Advisory Group
  • Workshop D: Understanding The Evolving Landscape Of Biometric Performance Testing & Vulnerability Assessments, Novetta

– See more at: https://www.aliconferences.com/events/biometric-id-for-government/#sthash.udwMFIAX.dpuf

Mention “FindBiometrics” to save an extra $200 off registration fees.

DEFPOL Expo 2016 @ Hanoi, Vietnam
Aug 30 – Aug 31 all-day

DEFPOL EXPO 2016 is being held in Hanoi, Vietnam on August 30 and 31 2016.

DEFPOL is an international exhibition for Defense and Police Forces. The expo is aimed to introduce the latest equipment, technology and products for warfare, cyber security, border security, homeland and internal security.

Learn more at: http://defpolexpo.com/

8th IEEE International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications, and Systems (BTAS 2016)
Sep 6 – Sep 9 all-day

The IEEE Eighth International Conference on Biometrics: Theory, Applications, and Systems (BTAS 2016), a continuation of the highly successful BTAS conference series started in 2007, will be held in the September 6 – 9, 2016 time period in Niagara Falls, Buffalo, New York (USA). BTAS 2016 is a premier research conference focused on all aspects of biometrics. It is intended to have a broad scope, including advances in fundamental signal processing, image processing, pattern recognition, and statistical and mathematical techniques relevant to biometrics.

Areas of coverage include biometrics based on voice, fingerprint, iris, periocular, face, handwriting, gait and other modalities, as well as multi-modal biometrics and new biometrics based on novel sensing technologies. Submissions will be rigorously reviewed, and should clearly make the case for a documented improvement over existing state-of-art. Experimental results for contributions in established areas such as voice, face, iris, fingerprint, and gait are encouraged to use the largest and most challenging existing publicly available datasets.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to: Face, Periocular, Multibiometrics, Template protection, Law enforcement, Gait and gesture, Soft biometrics, Template selection and update, Protocol and benchmarking, Finance, Iris, Databases, Smart-cards, Large-scale Identification, Anti-spoofing, Border control, Social impact, Palmprints, Confidence interval estimation, Ear, Fingerprint, Forensics, Healthcare, Civil Registry, Access control, Mobile biometrics, Entertainment, Performance modeling and prediction, and Usability studies.

Intelligent Assistants Conference & Intelligent Authentication Conference
Sep 12 – Sep 13 all-day

Intelligent Assistance technologies have redefined customer experience, self-service and contact center operations by bringing Bots, Natural Language Understanding and the beginnings of Conversational Commerce.

Opus Research invites you to join us in San Francisco (September 12-13, 2016) at the Intelligent Assistants Conference and Intelligent Authentication Conference as we:

  • Define the new IA and IAuth ecosystems – integrating existing IVR, CRM, Knowledge Management and Business Process Optimization with bots, messaging platforms and mobile e-commerce infrastructure
  • Transform organizations and operations – as the CEO, COO, CMO, CTO, CSO and CXO are all involved in defining and implementing IA solutions.
  • Highlight real-world implementations – spanning financial services, travel & hospitality, media & communications, healthcare, government and others
  • Identify challenges and opportunities – how big brands fight disintermediation and support customer efforts to command their own destinies in their own words

Of special interest in panels and keynotes: “The Botsplosion: How brands can leverage messaging platforms and bots” and also “The CRM-to-IA Roadmap: How to leverage existing resources to support real-time, natural language self-service”

Check the Intelligent Assistants Conference and Intelligent Authentication Conference websites for the latest additions to speakers and topics.

IA-Squared SF is a gathering place for executives who are committed to improving the customer experience.
Global Identity Summit 2016 @ Tampa Convention Center
Sep 19 – Sep 22 all-day

1,200 Professionals • 21 Countries • 50+ Sessions
55 Government Organizations • 75 Industry Exhibitors

The Global Identity Summit (GIS) is the U.S. federal government’s primary outreach and collaboration-building event with the worldwide identity community. GIS is held annually and is designed to:

  • Promote a comprehensive understanding of current capabilities, pending needs, market trends, and future directions of both the federal government and the entire identity community.
  • Initiate and advance public-private and cross-discipline collaboration necessary for the continued advancement and appropriate application of identity and access management disciplines across all mission spaces.

The Global Identity Summit provides an immersive environment where identity professionals from the federal government, private sector, and academia can dedicate three continuous days to strategic planning, information sharing, needs analysis, collaboration, and relationship building.  GIS venues are chosen to support this environment (rather than drive-by participation), and enable concurrent presentation tracks, workshops, exhibition space, dining, and private events.

The 2016 GIS will be more focused than ever on the community’s future, and the expanded role the private sector can support and share in mission success.  The Planning Committee has designed this year’s event so that it provides an assessment of the current state of government and private-sector programs and challenges, generates public-private consensus on items that are most critical to this community’s future, and pairs solution providers with stakeholders in order to improve the posture of identity management in the US, and around the globe.  The shifting drivers within our community, new threats and trends, and an impending presidential administration change makes the next 12 months critical for joint planning.  Participants at the 2016 Global Identity Summit will be able to share their experiences and insights as the community deliberates on the current state of identity and plans a path forward for the global identity community.

Smart Wearable Technology Summit
Sep 22 – Sep 23 all-day

Smart Wearable Technology Summit eventThe Smart Wearable Technologies Summit will take place on 22-23 September in Barcelona, Spain. This summit will address the big themes and innovations taking place in wearable technology and connected devices. This summit is an ideal platform for  C-Level executives, Senior IT experts, Industry leaders, Distributors, Retailers, Investors, Start ups and Developers to to present their strategy, latest product announcements and vision for a wearable & connected future. Exchange knowledge and informative insights with leading experts and discuss current landscape for wearables and where they are headed. The purpose of the conference is to create a perfect atmosphere conducive to developing strategies for future success and achieving real results, while encouraging active networking!

World e-ID and Cybersecurity
Sep 26 – Sep 28 all-day

World e-ID and Cybersecurity gathers yearly e-ID and information security experts from Government and Industry to advance secure identification and trusted online services. In a context of rising cyber threats, identity theft, illegal immigration, terrorism, etc., this12th edition will address 3 core topics: next-generation e-ID documents, Digital Identity & Authentication and Cybersecurity strategies. 80 speakers will put new identity technologies in perspective through country case studies and outlooks of standards and policies evolution worldwide. 450 project managers, government reps and technology experts will join in to see new perspectives and opportunities, develop best practices, build international cooperations, etc. They will also benefit from Smart Security Week parallel conferences, exhibition and innovation activities gathering 1000 security professionals overall.

Conference online: http://www.worlde-idandcybersecurity.com

World e-ID & Cybersecurity pic

Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience Asia @ AVANI Atrium Bangkok
Oct 5 – Oct 6 all-day

CIPRA event banner

The Critical Infrastructure Protection & Resilience conference will deliver discussion and thought provoking presentations on many of the serious critical infrastructure protection, management, security and cyber security issues and challenges facing the industry.

• High level conference with leading industry speakers and professionals
• Learn from experiences and challenges from the infrastructure and security companies, agencies and commercial organisations
• Gain insight into national and regional policy and security developments in relation to CIP
• Constructive debate, educational opportunities and cooperation advocacy
• Share ideas and facilitate in valuable inter-departmental, government and agency cooperation
• Exhibition showcasing leading technologies and products
• Networking events and opportunities

Critical Infrastructure Protection and Resilience Asia will attract:

• National government agencies responsible for national security and emergency/contingency planning
• Police and Security Agencies
• Emergency Services
• Local Government
• Facilities Managers – Nuclear, Power, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, Telecommunications, Banking and Financial, ISP’s, water supply
• IT, Cyber Security and Information Managers
• Port Security Managers
• Airport Security Managers
• Transport Security Managers
• Event Security Managers
• Architects
• Civil Engineers
• EU
• Military
• Border Officials

EAB Research Projects Conference 2016 @ Darmstadt, Germany
Oct 19 all-day

The third EAB Research Projects Conference 2016 will assemble on September 19/20 allowing for numerous EU sponsored research projects to present their research results. The conference is organized by the European Association for Biometrics (EAB) jointly with various European agencies (e.g. eu-LISA and DG Home).

Biometrics and Identity Management are key research topics that are currently investigated in a number EU-projects running under the seventh Framework program and the new Horizon 2020. International research is dealing with innovative solutions for secure and privacy compliant biometrics and federated identity management.

The EAB and EU-projects in the field like FIDELITY, FastPass, BEAT, Future-ID, INGRESS, PIDaaS, ABC4EU are jointly organizing a Research Project Conference (EAB-RPC), to present research results and in order to discuss the benefit of this research for our European society.

Learn more at: http://eab.org/events/program/104?ts=1453323917153