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    Multimodal Biometrics to Gain ‘Widespread Acceptance’ by 2020: Technavio

    Market research firm Technavio sees growth in the cards for the ‘global advanced authentication market’. In a new report, the firm predicts a CAGR of 17 percent between this year and 2020. By ‘advanced authentication’, Technavio means multi-factor and biometric solutions, and in making its market calculations the firm considered revenues from offerings like biometric…

  • As Smart Home Hub, Siri Might Recognize Your Face
  • Report Assesses Nascent LAMEA Automotive Biometric Access System Market
  • How Hundreds of Terror Suspects’ Biometric Profiles Were Deleted
  • New Acer 2-in-1 Brings Biometrics to Budget Computing
  • Will Google Kill The Password on Android In 2016?
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      Voice Biometrics Month 2016: The Roundup

      As the end of May approaches so we must bring to an end Voice Biometrics Month 2016, our four-week featured focus on voice and speech recognition technologies. Throughout the month we explored topics regarding the contactless modality in our featured articles section, reported all the most important voice authentication news, and brought together the industry’s…

  • News Roundup: Preparing For Voice Biometrics in a Hyper-Connected World
  • Voice Biometrics Month 2016: 4 Unique Applications of Voice Recognition
  • Voice Biometrics Month 2016: Voice and the IoT
  • Voice Biometrics Month 2016: The Primer
  • Physical Access & Enterprise Month: The Roundup
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      INTERVIEW: Bruce Hanson, President & CEO, Credence ID

      FindBiometrics President, Peter O’Neill had an opportunity to speak with Credence ID CEO, Bruce Hanson. The conversation concerns Credence ID’s participation at this week’s ID4 Africa conference and the exciting new products being announced by the company during the exhibition. Peter O’Neill, President, FindBiometrics (FB): Credence offers a broad line of mobile products focusing on…

  • INTERVIEW: Yaron Zussman, CEO, FST Biometrics America
  • INTERVIEW: Jim Miller, Chairman & CEO, ImageWare Systems
  • INTERVIEW: Iron Daher, CEO, Griaule Biometrics
  • INTERVIEW: Michael DePasquale, Chairman & CEO BIO-key International
  • INTERVIEW: David Pollington, Head of Applications & Services, GSMA
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      GUEST POST: BioConnect’s Bianca Lopes Reflects on Money20/20 Europe

      – The following is an article by Bianca Lopes, Director of Strategic Development at BioConnect. It was originally posted on LinkedIn* and has been republished with permission form the author. – Money Money Money – Reflections from Money2020 Europe This past week I attended Money2020 in Copenhagen and there were a few themes that I noticed to be…

  • GUEST POST: Will Fintech’s Love Affair With Biometrics End Badly For The Global Payment Giants Touting This Match Made In Heaven?
  • Cloud-Based Biometrics Leads To Attractive Deployments
  • EMV Chip Card Technology Leaves the Job Undone
  • Your Next Generation Mobile Identity
  • I Heart Authentication
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      WEBINAR: Voice Biometrics in a Hyper-Connected World

      Today, May 25, 2016, marked the webcast of FindBiometrics’ latest webinar, Voice Biometrics in a Hyper-Connected World. Moderator Peter O’Neill, president of FindBiometrics, welcomed back Dan Miller, founder and lead analyst of Opus Research, to present his latest research on Intelligent Assistant and Intelligent Authentication technology before joining an expert panel—Emilio Martinez, CEO, AGNITIO, and…

  • WATCH: Industry Experts Discuss the Future of Mobile Biometrics
  • Biometrics on smartphones are officially mainstream…
  • …But the mobile biometrics revolution is just getting started…
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