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    Telcom & Data Unveils Fingerprint-Scanning Door Handles

    Telcom & Data has announced a new biometric access control system. The Digitus Biometric Door Handle uses a fingerprint scanner to authenticate individuals for entry, and is able to secure any door, the company says. The system works in conjunction with software that allows for centralized administration of the security system in real-time. It also…

  • Research and Markets Predict 9.4 Percent CAGR for Voice Biometrics
  • Indian State Adopts Iris Scanning for Pension Payments
  • SpeechPro Voice Biometrics To Improve Customer Engagement
  • FIDO Alliance Appoints New Leadership For 2015
  • NEXT Biometrics Sales Benefit From The Apple Effect
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      Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Fingers and Faces, Eyes and Voices

      This past week at FindBiometrics the industry news spanned the four major biometric modalities across a great range of applications. While we reported on smartphones, law enforcement, call centers and more, we also brought the FindBiometrics Year in Review to a close by examining the biggest industry happenings as voted by our large sample of…

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  • Biometrics Industry News Roundup: Innovations In Mobility, Steps Toward Better Border Control
  • Year in Review 2014: The Biggest Challenges in Biometrics
  • Biometrics Industry News Roundup: New Looks and Exciting Markets
  • Year in Review 2014: The Most Exciting Vertical Markets
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      Biometrics, Privacy and the Internet of Things – Interview With Samsung’s Steven Rahman

      Steven Rahman, Director of Technology and Strategy at Samsung, leads a forward thinking team tasked with a critical mission: to secure and develop technology that will maintain the competitiveness of the Samsung platform.  As part of our 12th annual biometrics industry Year in Review, Peter O’Neill, president of FindBiometrics, had a chance to speak with Rahman about the state…

  • Addressing The Biggest Challenge of Going Handsfree – Interview with Todd Mozer, CEO, Sensory Inc.
  • Addressing The Challenges of Border Control – Interview with Peter Went, CEO, WCC
  • Germany’s Biometric Border Control – Interview with Georg Hasse of secunet
  • Introducing the New Face of Crossmatch: Interview with Richard Agostinelli
  • Interview: Seth Miller, Founder & CEO, IDtech360
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      Pop Cultural Identity Management: Terminator 2: Judgement Day (Revisited)

      All this month at FindBiometrics we have been talking about privacy and identity management. We started with a primer, discussed the idea of registering biometrics and most recently talked about three biometric traits that you can’t help but broadcast to the world. Today, we even announced a webinar in association with the IBIA to be…

  • Guest Blog: David Johnston on I Origins and Iris Biometrics
  • Pop Cultural Identity Management: Swordfish
  • Pop Cultural Identity Management: Terminator 2: Judgement Day
  • Pop Culture Identity Management: X-Men – Part Two
  • Pop Cultural Identity Management: X-Men – Part One
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      An IBIA Special Webinar Presentation – Privacy and the Commercial Use of Biometrics

      The very concept of surveillance is changing right now. Thanks to the recent mainstream rise of biometrics and strong mobile authentication technology, privacy has shot to the very top of the identity management community’s list of concerns. Listen to our identity experts as they discuss these important topics of privacy and surveillance in the modern world.

  • The Global Automated Border Control Market: Forecasts & Analysis 2014 – 2018, Part 2
  • The Global Automated Border Control Market: Forecasts & Analysis
  • The Mobile Biometrics Market Landscape
  • THE FUTURE OF MOBILE ID – Mobile ID Industry Update
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