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    Biometric Upgrade Coming To iPhone 8: Report

    The next iPhone is going to have some sophisticated biometric technologies, according to a new report from the Cowen and Company investment firm. As Business Insider reports, the investment firm cites its own “field work” studying Apple’s supply chain in asserting that the iPhone 8 will feature “some form of facial/gesture recognition supported by a…

  • Iris ID to Put Focus on IrisAccess Platform at Intersec 2017
  • EyeLock Plans ‘Expanded Presence’ for This Year’s Intersec Expo
  • Indian Gov’t Negotiating with Banks on Aadhaar Payments Incentive Program
  • DualLock Combines Biometrics and Card-Based Access Control
  • CMITech Showcases Iris Scanner at Intersec 2017
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      Year in Review 2016: Public Perception

      In December we polled 165 professionals in biometrics and identity related industries about various topics from the past year. It was part of the FindBiometrics Year in Review, the longest-running and best regarded industry retrospective of its kind. Now in its 14th consecutive year, the FindBiometrics Year in Review is your resource to start 2017…

  • Year in Review 2016: The Priority of Liveness Detection
  • Year in Review 2016: The Dedicated Roundup
  • News Roundup: The Year in Review Results Are In
  • Year in Review 2016: Consumer Biometrics Are Still Nascent Tech
  • Year in Review 2016: The Most Exciting Modalities
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      INTERVIEW: Javier Mira, CEO & Co-founder, FacePhi

      Peter O’Neill, president of FindBiometrics had a chance to speak with Javier Mira, CEO and co-founder of FacePhi. The conversation starts with a review of what an excellent year 2016 has been for FacePhi, goes on to cover the challenges of deploying biometrics in the financial arena, and discusses the importance of industry events like Money20/20.…

  • INTERVIEW: Joe Rosenkrantz, CEO, FaceFirst
  • INTERVIEW: Roberto Wolfer, CEO, JENETRIC
  • INTERVIEW: Samsung SDS America’s Approach to Biometrics
  • INTERVIEW: Ben Ball, Government Market Director, Crossmatch
  • INTERVIEW: Princeton Identity CEO Mark Clifton
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  • Guest Blog – FotoNation: Biometrics in Financial Mobile Transactions
  • GUEST POST: BioConnect’s Bianca Lopes Reflects on Money20/20 Europe
  • GUEST POST: Will Fintech’s Love Affair With Biometrics End Badly For The Global Payment Giants Touting This Match Made In Heaven?
  • Cloud-Based Biometrics Leads To Attractive Deployments
  • EMV Chip Card Technology Leaves the Job Undone
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      Here’s What To Expect From Samsung SDS America’s Big Biometrics Webinar

      Financial services is the big use case for biometrics right now, and on November 2, 2016, Samsung SDS America, in concert with Mobile ID World, will be presenting a webinar event aimed at addressing lingering concerns regarding strong authentication in today’s financial markets: FinServ in the New Age of Identity: Addressing Your Biometrics Concerns. – Register Now…

  • WEBINAR – Connected Justice: The Benefits and Challenges of Biometric Law Enforcement
  • WEBINAR: Experts Discuss Biometrics, Border Control, National Security
  • WEBINAR: Voice Biometrics in a Hyper-Connected World
  • WATCH: Industry Experts Discuss the Future of Mobile Biometrics
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