Yubico, CompTIA Join ‘Lock Down Your Login’ Campaign

The National Cyber Security Alliance’s ‘Lock Down Your Login’ campaign now has even more supporters. Yubico and CompTIA have both signed on to help in the promotional effort.

Yubico, CompTIA Join 'Lock Down Your Login' CampaignYubico’s support comes as little surprise in the wake of the FIDO Alliance‘s offer of support yesterday; the two parties are close longtime allies in promoting post-password authentication, with Yubico’s second-factor hardware keys being FIDO Certified. In a statement announcing its support for the campaign, Yubico said it is “developing free resources (including Yubico’s Best Practices eGuides) for those businesses that want to introduce stronger authentication but aren’t quite sure how to get started,” and will also offer a 22 percent discount on purchases of two YubiKeys through its website on October 4th.

CompTIA, meanwhile, is a nonprofit advocating for various IT certifications. Commenting on its support for ‘Lock Down Your Login’, CompTIA CEO Todd Thibodeaux called it “an important and timely initiative” and said his organization aims “to educate and empower consumers and businesses with an easy, yet effective security practice that will help them stay safe online at home, at work or on the road.”

‘Lock Down Your Login’ is part of a bigger, government-led digital security campaign branded STOP. THINK. CONNECT., and has also seen an offer of support from TeleSign this week.

September 30, 2016 – by Alex Perala