Vision-Box Brings Biometric eGates to Amsterdam Airport

Vision-Box Brings Biometric eGates to Amsterdam Airport

Vision-Box has announced that a trial of its Seamless Flow boarding platform is now underway for Cathay Pacific passengers at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The Seamless Flow platform uses facial recognition technology to identify travelers, and is designed to eliminate the need for paper documentation and streamline the flow of people through the airport.  

“Now, you have to show your passport, your boarding card or both at various checkpoints at the airport,” said Schiphol Safety and Security Director Wilma van Dijk, referencing lengthy travel steps like baggage drop-off, customs, and boarding. “In the future you can pass control points more smoothly because you are recognized by your face. You can leave your passport and boarding pass in the bag.”

For the time being, Cathay Pacific passengers will be invited to participate in the trial after check-in at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. Those who opt-in will be taken to a Vision-Box registration kiosk, where they will scan their passport and their face to create a facial recognition token that can be used at eGates throughout the airport.

Facial recognition technology has already been deployed at airports in London, Portugal, and beyond. The latest announcement indicates that such programs will continue to expand as people become more comfortable with biometric authentication while traveling.

February 20, 2019 – by Eric Weiss