Vision-Box Biometric Algorithm Boasts Top-15 NIST Performance

Vision-Box Algorithm Boasts Top-15 NIST Performance

Vision-Box has announced that its Vision-Box FR facial recognition algorithm has achieved a top-15 performance in the latest round of testing by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The border control specialist did particularly well in the live-to-live recognition test set, thereby demonstrating its utility for identity verification in a high-volume setting like an airport.

The algorithm is an essential component of Vision-Box’s Orchestra Seamless Passenger platform, an identity management service that allows for the creation of a single biometric token. That token can then be used through the entire airport, eliminating the need for a traditional boarding pass while allowing passengers to pass through checkpoints with as little hassle as possible.

“Our Orchestra suite is continuously being optimized for passenger handling in large scale scenarios,” said Vision-Box CEO Miguel Leitmann. “We are dedicating the same level of attention to matching performance, as we have been for biometric capture, because both have to go hand-in-hand if accurate performance is expected in highly scaled implementations.”

The NIST test solidifies Vision-Box’s position as one of the leading providers of biometric border control services and technology. The company recently agreed to lend its expertise to the Secure Identity Alliance, and has announced plans to bring biometric eGates to airports in Bahrain and Los Angeles.

June 10, 2019 – by Eric Weiss