ViRDI Biometric Fingerprint Readers Supported By Paxton Net2 Access Control Software

The AC5000 Fingerprint Reader from ViRDI can Integrate With Paxton Net2 Software

The AC5000 Fingerprint Reader from ViRDI

A high security biometrics solution is now available for security installers faced with sensitive work sites using Net2 access control: Genie CCTV’s ViRDI biometric reader range of products can now integrate with with the Paxton access control software.

The five fingerprint readers available in the ViRDI range work with Genie CCTV’s BIOMERGE-PX software, opening up new market opportunities to installers. Police stations, hospitals, construction sites, offices, nurseries and other such sites stand to benefit greatly from the extra security provided by the high technology safeguarding allowed by fingerprint authentication.

Enrollment of a user’s fingerprint from Net2 is made as easy as the registration of a proximity token, streamlining the process by keeping everything easy-to-use and straightforward for administrators with detailed on screen instructions.

To meet the unique needs of each site, the ViRDI range of biometric readers offers a variety of options for security installers. From the color screen and optional flush and surface housings that equip the new AC5000 reader, to the additional face detection option offered by the AC6000, recommended for extra sensitive sites, ViRDI readers are versatile and reliable high security options, each housing patented live and fake finger detection as well as a mifare card reader.

Net2 can integrate with intruder alarms and CCTV systems, providing comprehensive security to customers. The Net 2 Pro software, however, goes even further beyond traditional accesses control, boasting energy saving capabilities, smoother HR processes, security lockdown and an ID card designer option.

“The new integration of Paxton’s innovative Net2 software with the ViRDI range by Genie is another example of us using technology to keep things simple,” Says Gareth O’Hara, sales and marketing director at Paxton. “Adding fingerprint users to a system is now as easy as adding a token in Net2, saving our customers and installers time and making their lives easier.”


VirdiLogoAbout ViRDI:

ViRDI is the award-winning brand of a range of integrated Biometric, RFID and Mifare terminals designed and manufactured in Korea by UNIONCOMMUNITY Co., Ltd.

The VIRDI range comprises of a variety of technology and solutions for smart access/time & attendance terminals; access control; biometric template and device 
management software; and time & attendance software.

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