Vecna Integrates Palm Vein Biometrics Into Patient Platform

Vecna, a provider of patient self-service solutions for the healthcare industry, has integrated Imprivata’s PatientSecure biometric patient identification solution into its platform API.Vecna Integrates Palm Vein Biometrics Into Patient Platform

The solution is based on palm vein biometrics, and is designed to establish a completely accurate and reliable link between a given patient and their medical records, helping to improve administrative efficiency for healthcare providers and to improve care outcomes. Its integration into Vecna’s platform is aimed at helping ambulatory and acute care providers to apply this biometric authentication on patients.

This isn’t the first time Vecna has explored the benefits of biometrics, with the company having established a partnership with Fujitsu in 2014 aimed at using palm vein biometrics to let patients register their information at healthcare environments for the purposes of things like paying bills and confirming insurance information. In a statement announcing its Imprivata partnership, the company asserted its integrated solution “reduces fraud, automates authenticated patient check-in, and improves insurance validation, co-pay collections, and digital form completion, significantly enhancing and streamlining the patient experience.”

The companies will promote their combined solution at the MUSE 2018 International Conference on medical technologies, which is slated to run from May 29th to June 1st in Orlando.

May 17, 2018 – by Alex Perala