Thailand Orders 15 Million Biometric e-Passports from Thales and Gemalto

Biometrics News - Thailand Orders 15 Million Biometric ePassports from Thales and Gemalto

Thales will be delivering 15 million e-passports to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in Thailand, which has placed the order through a contract with the DGM Consortium. The Consortium includes MultiCert, Data Products Toppan Forms, and Gemalto, the latter of which was acquired by Thales earlier this year.

The biometric e-passports will include a flexible, polycarbonate datapage with embedded security software and a true color UV photo. The production will be handled locally, with Thales building two high-tech manufacturing sites in Thailand as part of the contract. The company will also make it easier for Thai citizens to obtain their travel documents, opening 15 new enrollment centers to add to the country’s existing 22.

The new e-passports will be compliant with the strictest security standards. The upgrade is in keeping with the ‘Thailand 4.0’ initiative for a more digital economy.

“Thales is strongly committed to developing local industrial capabilities in close collaboration with our partners,” said Thales Thailand Director Massimo Marinzi. “The Group has developed some of the world’s most sophisticated e-passports that continuously support governments’ push towards the use of biometrics to ensure quick and secure cross-border movement.”

Gemalto, of course, has plenty of experience when it comes to high tech passports, and is well positioned to deliver on the latest contract. The company previously provided biometric e-passports for countries like East Timor and Moldova, and has also developed polycarbonate passports for the UK.

August 27, 2019 – by Eric Weiss