Sterling Identity Helps Businesses Verify Potential Hires

Sterling Identity Helps Businesses Verify Potential Hires

Sterling is putting together a new Sterling Identity division to provide customers with better background checks and identity verification services. Sterling Identity is primarily geared towards other businesses, offering solutions that will reduce the prevalence of fraud and identity theft at the corporate level.

To that end, VerifyID will be the first product to launch under the Sterling Identity banner. VerifyID is a selfie-based verification platform that matches a job applicant’s selfie against a government ID like a driver’s license. The solution is specifically designed to streamline the hiring process, and to give employers more confidence in the identities of their employees.

“For businesses, VerifyID makes the identity verification process fast, convenient, and mobile, which improves candidate experience, increases hiring speed, and ultimately provides a foundation of trust and safety,” said Sterling CEO Josh Peirez.

“We expect many companies will be adding identity verification to their background check programs in the near future,” he added.

Sterling has been steadily working to improve its identity and authentication portfolio in the past few years, most notably through the acquisition of SureID in 2018. In a recent interview with FindBiometrics, SureID General Manager Ned Hayes indicated that the acquisition was made with an eye towards background checks and biometrics, laying the foundation for the creation of Sterling Identity.      

June 24, 2019 – by Eric Weiss