SpeechPro Voice Biometrics To Improve Customer Engagement

finger with green phone keypadVoice biometrics company SpeechPro has announced that its VoiceKey has been chosen for inclusion in Innovation Exchange from Aspect Software. Innovation Exchange is a marketplace for applications that improve customer engagement and increase contact center efficiency.

“Enterprises carry a heavy burden of balancing high security, fraud protection, while simultaneously enhancing customer experience,” says Mike Moors, Aspect’s vice president of worldwide channels. “SpeechPro’s biometric voice verification offering demonstrates the kind of state-of-the-art solution and innovative provider Aspect strives to partner with. We’re very excited to have SpeechPro and their VoiceKey platform as a part of Aspect’s Innovation Exchange.”

VoiceKey is a voice biometrics solution used for contactless authentication. By measuring and matching voice biometrics, VoiceKey allows for the replacement of passwords, which are becoming increasingly difficult to manage and provide inadequate security. The SpeechPro solution is versatile, offering text dependent (active) and text independent (passive) authentication.

Voice biometrics are particularly well suited for call center applications. In terms of customer engagement, which is the goal in the case of VoiceKey’s inclusion in Innovation Exchange, customers don’t have to manually key-in passwords or answer security questions – voice is a much more natural way to interface with a phone that’s in use. When it comes to security, VoiceKey’s liveness detection and high level of accuracy trumps stealable passwords.

“Aspect is one of the most forward looking companies in customer engagement solutions,” says SpeechPro president Alexey Khitrov. “We’re excited to be able to feature our technology on the Innovation Exchange and help Aspect customers get access to the most cutting edge voice biometrics solutions.”

SpeechPro has carved out a nice space for itself in online marketplaces like Innovation Exchange. In June of last year, VoiceKey was made available through the Avaya DevConnect MarketPlace.

January 30, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter