Smartmatic Tech Ensures Smooth, Credible Election Process in Venezuela

Electronic elections specialist SmartmaticSmartmatic Tech Ensures Smooth, Credible Election Process in Venezuela has overseen another successful election in Venezuela.

The company has provided voting technology for Venezuela’s last 14 national elections, and its end-to-end system proved a resounding success in this latest parliamentary voting period. Thirteen technical audits of the system were performed through the election process, with the end result being an automated election system that is lauded by politicians, citizens, and third-party observers. One European Union election observer went so far as to exclaim that his team was “not only satisfied” with the credibility of the voting system, but that “we believe this system should be exported to my country.”

In addition to the positive effect the automated system may have on voter turnout and satisfaction—74.25 percent of eligible voters participated—the system also helps to assure the security and validity of results, in large part thanks to its biometric voter authentication, which was introduced in a 2012 election.

It’s technology that Smartmatic has been keen to export elsewhere. Out of the eight countries pioneering in election automation, this company is providing technology to six of them. This year, it received the largest order of optical scanners, which will be used during the 2016 Philippine General elections. Currently, the company is working to provide electoral solutions to Chile, Uganda the United States and among other places.

Given the evident success of its platform in Venezuela, the company’s technology could see rising demand as other countries seek automated and effective solutions.