Signicat Partners with Swisscom to Add Electronic Signature Capabilities

Biometrics News - Signicat Partners with Swisscom to Add Electronic Signature Capabilities

Signicat has added Qualified Electronic Signature (QES) capabilities to its flagship Digital Identity Platform. The QES utility comes courtesy of a new partnership with Swisscom Trust Services, and allows Signicat users to sign documents with legally binding digital signatures that are compliant with the EU‘s eIDAS standards.

“Expanding our platform to cover QES enhances our ability to meet our customer’s needs for secure digital identity services,” said Signicat CEO Gunnar Nordseth, CEO of Signicat.

“Customers today demand a smooth digital customer journey and will not tolerate friction,” added Swisscom Head of International Expansion Marco Schmid. “Together with Signicat, we enable companies to live up to this expectation.”

The news comes shortly after Signicat rebuilt its API to facilitate the integration of new identity verification methods. Signicat acquired the API specialist Idfy a few months prior to the launch of the new API.   

More recently, Signicat released a study that suggests that the majority of consumers will abandon an onboarding process that takes much longer than ten minutes (the actual cutoff is 14 minutes and 20 seconds). The study surveyed more than 3,500 adults in the UK and northern Europe, and underscores the fact that digital applications should be looking to adopt more efficient onboarding solutions.

November 13, 2019 – by Eric Weiss