SensibleVision Applies Facial Recognition Tech to Naked Payments

SensibleVision Applies Facial Recognition Tech to Naked Payments

SensibleVision has become the latest pioneer on the frontier of face-based payments for retail.

The company has announced a new solution called 3DWALLET, which monitors shoppers in a given store via facial recognition, and charges them for whatever they take out, with no need to line up and pay at a register. It’s a similar solution to the “IoT shelf” recently announced by Wirecard – a ‘naked payments’ system that needs only a customer’s biometrics for transactions, with no need for credit cards or smartphones.

Customers will need to register their payment information with the system, of course, and SensibleVision CEO George Brostoff asserted in a statement that the new solution will be “100% opt-in”. Brostoff insists that 3DWALLET is a solution that can help brick-and-mortar merchants stay competitive in an economy that is doing more and more business online.

“Today’s shoppers are used to instant online purchases, and physical retailers should be able to offer exactly the same level of convenience while making the process even more secure than with credit cards,” he said, adding that 3DWALLET “is an AI power tool to let brick-and-mortar shops, many of which are in trouble, compete with the digital world when it comes to customer experience.”

The tool’s announcement comes soon after SensibleVision announced 3DSafe, a ‘rapid-screening’ facial recognition solution aimed more at security applications.

June 19, 2018 – by Alex Perala