Presence IVR Module Uses Voice Authentication

finger with green phone keypadPresence Technology, a company specializing in call and contact centre solutions, has announced some upgrades to its IVR (Interactive Voice Response) module. The solution now offers support for voice applications adhering to VXML 2.1 and MRCP 2.0 standards.

Speaking in a press release, the company’s Director of Product Management, Alfredo Gonzalez, emphasized the importance of IVR’s compatibility with the most advanced voice technology solutions, noting that “Presence IVR includes compatible connectors with TTS / ASR systems as well as with leading Speech technology vendors such as Nuance, Loquendo, Lumenvox, Verbio, Voxygen,” and more, adding that IVR “also includes native connectors from leading manufacturers to meet the growing demand for features such as natural language recognition (NLU) which makes interactions between the client and the machine more natural; and voice biometrics for user authentication, which the IVR to act in the caller identification when capturing sensitive information without the agent being involved.”

The voice biometrics component could prove key to Presence IVR’s success. Voice biometrics authentication has proven very popular in call centres, especially in the financial services sector. Given that Presence IVR is entirely software-based – reducing extra implementation costs by eliminating the need for proprietary equipment – it could prove particularly popular among cost-conscious organizations.

February 27, 2015 – by Alex Perala