NVIDIA Protégé Developing AI-Powered Biometric Watch List

NVIDIA Protégé Developing AI-Powered Biometric Watch List

A new participant in the NVIDIA Inception Program is aiming to dramatically reduce online fraud using facial recognition, AI, and a watch list approach.

Called Facepoint, the Paris-based company is working on an anti-fraud online platform that would rely on a database of “heightened risk individuals,” as the company puts it on its website. The system would use facial recognition and AI to scan for these individuals’ images in online transactions, allowing clients to automatically flag potential threats.

The project’s development is poised to get a boost from the NVIDIA Inception Program, an accelerator program aimed at providing participants with training and marketing resources and, most importantly, GPU technology. In a statement announcing Facepoint’s participation, the company’s CEO framed it in terms of “the recent incredible progress in AI,” and asserted, “NVIDIA technology has been key in our actioning of this new type of intelligence.”

For its part, NVIDIA’s selection of Facepoint for the program may point to a growing interest in the biometric security market, with the company having teamed up with Israel-based computer vision specialist AnyVision earlier this year to work on a facial recognition surveillance solution aimed at the government sector.

June 7, 2018 – by Alex Perala