New Morpho eGates Coming to Marseille Provence Airport

New Morpho eGates Coming to Marseilles Provence AirportSome new eGate technology is coming to the Marseille Provence Airport (AMP), care of Morpho (Safran). The company will provide the very busy airport with two new PARAFE 2 eGates.

The eGates use fingerprint scanning technology to authenticate passengers, and will also have facial recognition capabilities, pending approval by French legislators. The eGates will complement four first-generation PARAFE systems already in place in Marseille, with the new ones offering improved design in addition to multimodal capabilities. In a statement, Samuel Fringant, an EVP in Morpho’s Security division, explained that these new, “modular systems feature improved ergonomics, a new design and will also be able to accommodate multi-biometric technologies (fingerprint and face recognition),” adding that they “combine superior security with greater comfort of utilization for passengers.”

Morpho’s PARAFE systems are compatible with EU and Swiss passports, and will not require registration for French citizens possessing newer biometric passports. Given Morpho’s experience both in France – the company already has 41 first-generation eGates in operation in the country – and in the US, where the TSA PreCheck program has helped to pioneer biometric eGates, the new PARAFE 2 systems should help to bolster the case for this technology more broadly as the European Commission explores biometric eGates and works to establish standards for their deployment across the EU.

June 15, 2015 – by Alex Perala