New FPC Biometric Software Platform Aimed at Cards and Wearables

New FPC Biometric Software Platform Aimed at Cards and Wearables

Fingerprint Cards has announced a new biometric software platform aimed specifically at payment card, wearable, and dongle applications.

Dubbed “FPC-BEP”, the solution is an adaptation of Fingerprints’ mobile algorithm, and has shown solid results in in-house testing, with the company asserting that it has demonstrated a False Rejection Rate under two percent and a False Acceptance Rate of 1/20,000. And thanks to Fingerprints’ QuickTouch technology, it can scan and match a user’s fingerprint in less than 0.3 seconds, the company says.

In a statement announcing the new solution, Fingerprints CTO Pontus Jägemalm emphasized the track record of the company’s fingerprint sensor technology, which has been widely deployed in a range of mobile devices. “Our technology is used billions of times every day, and now we have poured our long and unrivaled experience from the mobile world into this software platform to maximize the performance in low-power and low-computing-power payment environments,” he said.

With respect to those kinds of applications, biometric payment cards in particular are emerging as a potentially important new business area for Fingerprints, which has seen its technology used in a number of trial programs already. But as a growing number of wearable devices integrate payment capabilities, it’s quite possible that FPC-BEP will find traction in that area as well going forward.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)