NetBio Rapid DNA System Gets FBI Approval

NetBio’s DNAscan system has become the first rapid DNA analysis solution to receive National DNA Index System (NDIS) approval from the FBI.

NetBio Rapid DNA System Gets FBI ApprovalThe accreditation could open up many new business opportunities for NetBio. It certifies that DNAscan can be used by accredited NDIS laboratories to scan and match DNA samples against records in the FBI’s Combined DNA Index System (CODIS) without the need for technical reviews. The system thus allows for a potentially more efficient DNA scanning process for organizations pursuing such work, and thus may prove appealing in relevant markets.

Commenting on the approval, Ed Davis, who formerly acted as Commissioner of the Boston Police Department and now sits on NetBio’s Board of Directors, pointed to the rigor of the certification process, and asserted that the approval “represents many years of hard work on the part of both NetBio and federal and state law enforcement agencies.” Davis suggested the approval is “a critical first step” toward  future in which rapid DNA scanning “is an integral part of police station operations to improve public safety.”

Such technology is already proving to be a success in the UK, where IntegenX’s RapidHIT DNA matching system has been used in connection with hundreds of arrests. With its new NDIS approval, NetBio’s system could eventually produce similar results in the US.

April 8, 2016 – by Alex Perala