NEC to Present at Singapore FinTech Festival

“…at Singapore FinTech Festival 2018, the focus will be on NEC’s financial services solutions.”

NEC to Present at Singapore FinTech FestivalNEC has announced that it’s a Gold Sponsor of this year’s Singapore FinTech Festival, and that it’s going to showcase its technology at the event.

It’s not a huge surprise, given NEC’s growing activity in the city-state. Earlier this year, NEC completed trials of smart city technology conducted in collaboration with the Singaporean government; and in September, the company announced that Singapore would be home to its first research center outside of its home turf in Japan.

Of course, at Singapore FinTech Festival 2018, the focus will be on NEC’s financial services solutions. The company will showcase how its NeoFace Watch biometric surveillance technology, which uses facial recognition to identify faces from real-time CCTV feeds, can be used to identify VIP customers in bank branches; and how its NEC BioTrust solution can help to secure digital logins to online accounts. It’s also going to highlight the biometric authentication capabilities of its FIDO UAF-certified NC7000-3A-FS platform, and its Digital KYC solution for remote onboarding.

Additionally, a senior NEC executive, FinTech Business Development Office head Daichi Iwata, will be on hand for a panel discussion entitled “Big Tech to TechFin”, and to lead a discussion on blockchain technology; meanwhile NEC Asia Pacific Senior Sales Director Helen Chua discuss facial recognition and liveness detection technologies.

The 2018 Singapore FinTech Festival will run from November 12th to 16th at the Singapore EXPO convention center.

November 2, 2018 – by Alex Perala