NEC to Provide Biometric Tech for New Hard Rock Resort in Japan

NEC to Provide Biometric Tech for New Hard Rock Resort in Japan
Rendering of Hard Rock Japan’s World-Class Entertainment Resort (via
Hard Rock International)

With plans to build a big new resort in Hokkaido, Japan, Hard Rock International is inviting NEC to provide biometric technology for the development.

The plans came to light at Hokkaido’s Integrated Resort Showcase this week, where Hard Rock unveiled a scale model of its planned resort featuring an enormous guitar-shaped hotel, a monorail connected to the Chitose International Airport, and a wellness center, among other accoutrements. Hard Rock is working with Four Seasons on the resort component of the development, and with Nederlander Worldwide Entertainment to bring the King Kong musical to an on-premise theater.

As for NEC’s biometric technology, it isn’t yet clear what specific role it will play. But in announcing the resort development plans, Hard Rock highlighted NEC as a partner in the project, asserting that it “will bring the latest facial recognition and security services” to the development.

The company therefore appears to have a significant role in the Hard Rock project, one that should help to further solidify its position in the smart cities market. This has been a major focus area for NEC, as demonstrated in its participation in the recent International Security Expo in London and in its acquisition of Denmark’s KMD; and with NEC based in Japan, it’s also an opportunity to strengthen its position in its home market – though it isn’t clear how quickly this project will move, with Hard Rock’s announcement offering no indication of a specific timeline.

January 11, 2019 – by Alex Perala