MorphoWave Attains FBI PIV Certification

MorphoWave Attains FBI PIV Certification

(Image via Morpho (Safran))

Morpho (Safran)’s MorphoWave Desktop solution has received important FBI certification, the company has announced. The FBI has now certified that Morpho’s contactless desktop fingerprint scanner meets its Personal Identity Verification (PIV) Image Quality Specifications standard.

MorphoWave Desktop can capture four fingerprints simultaneously with the user simply waving her hand over it—a capability well-suited to high-traffic deployments such as in air terminals or sports stadiums. Of course, with such impressive ease-of-use, potential clients will likely want assurance that its imaging is accurate and reliable, and the PIV certification should go a long way in providing that.

In a statement, Morpho CEO Anne Bouverot called the certification “another significant milestone for the advancement of our contactless fingerprinting technology, confirming its high quality imaging and compatibility with security systems already deployed worldwide.”

Of course, there’s plenty of other evidence attesting to MorphoWave’s sophistication. Last spring the device won the Best Product Award in the Security Industry Association’s 2015 New Product Showcase; and last month it won Access Control Product of the Year at the Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2015. With its new certification though, it could find many more applications requiring the PIV standard, which will be a win for Morpho and clients alike.

January 5, 2016 – by Alex Perala