Money20/20: IDEMIA’s Matt Thompson on Making Mobile Digital ID a Reality [Audio Interview]

Biometrics News: Money20/20: IDEMIA's Matt Thompson on Making Mobile Digital ID a Reality [Audio Interview]
Matt Thompson, SVP Civil Identity, IDEMIA (left), and Peter O’Neill, President, FindBiometrics, at Money20/20 USA.

FindBiometrics is reporting live from Las Vegas this week, where the biometrics and digital identity industries are converging on Money20/20 USA – the world’s preeminent financial services conference. On Monday FindBiometrics President Peter O’Neill spoke with Matt Thompson, SVP Civil Identity, IDEMIA.

The live interview begins with a discussion of IDEMIA’s efforts to digitize and mobilize the driver’s license, and what that means for identity at large. Thompson goes on to highlight IDEMIA mobile ID pilots in Oklahoma, Iowa and Delaware – where governments are testing out totally digital citizen identification. O’Neill and Thompson conclude by discussing IDEMIA’s plans to roll out its mobile ID solution as well as some of the larger challenges facing the identity industry – including the importance of providing optimal user experience in biometric liveness detection.

Listen to the full audio interview with Matt Thompson, SVP Civil Identity, IDEMIA. :

Money20/20 USA runs October 27-30 in Las Vegas, Nevada, and biometrics are once again playing a major role in the conversations. In addition to our live interview coverage, on Tuesday, Thompson participated in a biometrics-focused panel, moderated by FindBiometrics VP of Digital Content Susan Stover: “Invisible Authentication: “How UIX-Focused Biometrics Can Make Passwords Disappear.

Stay posted to FindBiometrics and our sibling site Mobile ID World throughout the week as we continue to bring you financial ID and authentication news straight from Las Vegas. And be sure to register for our upcoming webinar, Biometrics & Money, which will carry forward this week’s most compelling topics at the intersection of finance and identity.