Mobile Biometrics Remains Paramount in This Week’s Top Stories

Mobile Biometrics Remains Paramount in This Week's Top Stories

This week’s batch of top stories from FindBiometrics is about as varied as they come, spanning acquisitions, iPhones, executive changes, and more. Nevertheless, it’s still possible to discern a couple of themes, with a major through-line being the ongoing importance of mobile biometrics.

Apple is responsible to a considerable extent for having launched this booming field when it first introduced the Touch ID fingerprint scanning system in 2013. Now, however, facial recognition is ascendant, thanks in large part to Apple’s launch of Face ID; and one of its key suppliers for that system is being acquired by a major engineering firm:

Huawei Blacklisting Shouldn’t Affect II-VI’s Acquisition of Finisar

As for Touch ID, we’re now getting the first indications that Apple may be planning a comeback for the fingerprint scanning system:

Will Apple’s Touch ID Make a Full-Screen Comeback?

And Synaptics, one of the pioneers of this kind of in-display fingerprint scanning technology, is still getting its own headlines:

Synaptics Brings its Biometric Arsenal to Computex

Moving away from the topic of mobile biometrics, this week also saw some big news about a leadership change for one of the major names in fingerprint sensor technology:

NEXT Biometrics CEO Announces Resignation

And to cap it all off, we have a new market forecast assessing another aspect of the wider biometrics market – digital ID and document verification:

Get Ready For The Digital Identity Services Market Boom

Stay posted to FindBiometrics next week as we continue to bring you the latest news and interviews from the exciting world of biometrics, including live reporting from Money20/20 Europe. To see the hottest stories of the week in mobile digital identity, visit our sibling site Mobile ID World.

May 31, 2019 – by Alex Perala