Mentalix Gets JPEG 2000 Certification for J2K API Toolkit

Texas-based fingerprint solutions specialist Mentalix has become one of the first companies to get certification through the NIST Special Publication 500-300.

Mentalix Gets JPEG 2000 Certification for J2K API ToolkitThe certification process concerns the JPEG 2000 Codec standard, which covers 1000 ppi compression in imaging; it also ensures compliance with NIST Special Publication 500-289 standards for JPEG 2000 compression in operational environments. Previously, JPEG 2000 compliance relied on self-evaluation and reporting, so attaining certification through the new NIST process can be seen as an important step for firms specializing in solutions for forensic applications.

In Mentalix’s case, the company has attained certification for its J2K API Toolkit. The solution is designed for the compression and decompression of fingerprint, palm print, and footprint images, and supports transcoding functionality between JPEG 2000 and WSQ formats.

In a statement, the company framed the move as a maneuver anticipating the transition from 500 ppi to 1000 ppi in fingerprint capture. “In a world where fingerprinting has become a primary form of identification for everything from consumer electronics to law enforcement, the NIST JPEG certification represents a new benchmark for accuracy and security, promising an even higher confidence in the forensic comparison of fingerprints,” the company said.

January 29, 2018 – by Alex Perala