Louisiana Hospital Adopts Iris-Based Patient ID System

Louisiana Hospital Adopts Iris-Based Patient ID SystemBiometric patient identification has come to the Terrebonne General Medical Center in Louisiana. After an evaluation of multiple potential solutions, TGMC selected RightPatient as the provider of its new identity management system.

RightPatient’s solution uses iris recognition, letting hospital workers access medical records simply by taking a picture of a given patient. In addition to generally improving administrative efficiency by its ease of use, the system should help to reduce patient fraud and to prevent the creation of duplicate patient records. The system has been implemented to work with McKesson EHR, a prominent electronic health record system.

In a statement, TGMC CEO Phyllis Peoples called the implementation of the RightPatient system “an important step to raise patient safety standards at TGMC,” while RightPatient President Michael Trader explained that his company was able to work with TGMC staff “to tailor RightPatient for their McKesson EHR system workflows and seamlessly retrieve patient records after successful identifications, helping to increase patient safety and eliminate the risk of medical identity theft.”

As hospitals face increasing costs, they’re frequently adopting biometric records and identity management solutions like these to help improve efficiency. Companies like AMC Health are proselytizing on the benefits of the technology to healthcare professionals, while even nonprofit healthcare systems are seeing the benefits of such systems. As solutions like RightPatient make their way into more healthcare systems, medical professionals and patients alike stand to benefit.

June 10, 2015 – by Alex Perala