[AUDIO INTERVIEW] MicroStrategy’s John Atkinson Talks Data and Interaction at the 2018 ISC West Conference

ISC West is in full swing in Las Vegas, and FindBiometrics is bringing you coverage directly from the world’s biggest security conference. Reporting live from the exhibition floor, Peter O’Neill caught up with John Atkinson, Vice President Usher Sales for MicroStrategy (pictured above, left).

Listen to our full audio interview with John Atkinson, VP, MicroStrategy:

So what’s MicroStrategy bringing to the conference this year?

“At ISC West we are mainly focusing on the junction between logical and physical access,” said Atkinson. “So making sure that we can take the logical badges and add them into physical security so that anyone who is trying to get into a building can then use the card or use a token when they get inside to do their normal job inside the facilities.” 

Atkinson told FindBiometrics his company is having an excellent year. “We’re now being recognized for the new developments we have on our MicroStrategy platform, and Usher is specifically being recognized as the differentiator for MicroStrategy, so adding the human element to the data that we already analyze,” he said.

Looking to the future, Atkinson speaks to the exciting opportunities opening up for Usher thanks to the rise of the Internet of Things. The interactive component of IoT has increased in relevance over the past years and Atkinson responded to how it factors into how the company is proceeding.

“There’s been a lot of data out there with data legs and big data, but the challenge has been how to use that, how to actually bring it and ensure its being to develop the next generation,” he said.

Stay tuned for more exhibition floor interviews from ISC West 2018.

April 12, 2018 – Susan Stover