Jenetric Wins Industry Acclaim for User-Friendly Fingerprint Scanner

Germany-based Jenetric has won some industry recognition for its LiveTouch quattro fingerprint scanner solution. It won first place in the IQ Innovation Award Central Germany, an event organized by regional officials to recognize technological advances in a range of industries.

Jenetric Wins Industry Acclaim for User-Friendly Fingerprint ScannerWhile there’s now a plethora of fingerprint sensors on the market from a range of producers, Jenetric’s LiveTouch quattro solution stands out for its user-friendly design. The scanner itself is transparent, with a digital display underneath that can offer visual cues to users on where to position their fingertips and so on. It’s a unique approach that has won over some investors as Jenetric has shown off its technology as it develops it for a bigger market push.

In a statement announcing the award, Jenetric CEO Roberto Wolfer credited the unique design approach with the company’s win, explaining that the company had the end user in mind while developing the product. Ultimately, he said, they thought people “might even enjoy using the device.” With its new industry plaudit, Jenetric may convince more potential clients to give it a try.

June 24, 2016 – by Alex Perala