Ipsidy Lays Out Case for Digital Visitor Management

Ipsidy Lays Out Case for Digital Visitor Management

Ipsidy is making the case for digital visitor management in a new blog post, “Visitor Management Systems – Six Features to Shop” outlining what kinds of technologies are now available and why it’s a good idea to embrace them.

A couple of the key advantages have to do with the visitor experience. Digital visitor management allows visitors to a given business or facility to receive welcome information ahead of time, and lets them check in with the convenience of their phones, rather than forcing them to print out passes on physical paper.

But digital visitor management systems can also help to improve security. Ipsidy’s Access platform, for example, supports biometric authentication, allowing administrators to verify that visitors are who they say they are. And more broadly, digital visitor management systems can be used to reliably identify blacklisted individuals, further enhancing and automating an organization’s security infrastructure.

And as Ipsidy points out, these benefits are appreciated by admins and end users alike. Citing a 2017 report from ISC West, Ipsidy reports that 53 percent of visitors who were greeted by a visitor management system said “they were impressed by and enjoyed their experience.” Meanwhile, 82 percent of respondents said “their digital visitor management system has created a safer work environment.”

It’s a strong case, and there’s even more to it, with the full blog post also delving into things like attendance tracking and data insights. It’s available through the Ipsidy website.

February 25, 2019 – by Alex Perala