Ottawa, Munich Firms Collaborate on Voice-Based Authentication Solution

Ottawa-based inBay Technologies and Munich-based VoiceTrust are teaming up to collaborate on a biometric authentication platform.Ottawa, Munich Firms Collaborate on Voice-Based Authentication Solution The partnership will essentially see the integration of VoiceTrust’s voice recognition technology into inBay’s idQ Trust as a Service identity platform.

In a statement announcing the partnership, the heads of both companies emphasized not only the technological collaboration, but the geographic benefits it will bring to each firm. inBay CEO Shane Young said that “it will enable inBay to get a foothold in the European market,” while VoiceTrust CEO Bettina Stearn said the deal will “assist us in extending our reach to new markets,” adding later that the collaboration brings VoiceTrust “a cybersecurity authentication extension of its offering to take to our existing and new clients in Europe, North America and around the world.”

The collaboration appears to arrive at a good time with respect to these aims. A range of European businesses are now racing to comply with the impending PSD2 and GDPR regulations, with many turning to biometric authentication solutions. Meanwhile, some of the year’s biggest data breach scandals have arisen from firms based in North America, suggesting a need for stronger digital security in that region’s enterprise sector.

October 26, 2017 – by Alex Perala