IDEX Scores Another Tier-One Design Win

IDEX has announced another design win with “a tier-one smartphone customer”. The new deal will see IDEX’s Cardinal fingerprint sensor integrated into a forthcoming mobile device.

IDEX Scores Another Tier-One Design WinIt’s the second major design win for the company since LG’s integration of its Cardinal Q sensor into its Stylus 2 Plus smartphone, announced at the start of June. That deal was particularly notable since LG had been working productively on its own fingerprint sensor technology, and while IDEX didn’t name its client for this latest deal in a statement, CEO Dr. Hemant Mardia did say that it’s “a second important design win with a leading mobile customer,” suggesting that LG may have been pleased enough with its previous integration to return for another round, though that is just speculation.

In any case, the latest deal may be the product of an evolving business strategy. As Dr. Mardia explained, “This design win along with IDEX’s shift towards a more direct sales approach is contributing to a growing and exciting pipeline of customer opportunities.” That bodes well for IDEX’s future, and the company could be further boosted by its use of biometric algorithm software from leading supplier Precise Biometrics, with whom it entered into a licensing deal this past spring.

July 19, 2016 – by Alex Perala